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Women gather to battle the online gender gap

This event is a step in the right direction, and will hopefully encourage local women to become more involved in the art community, and to challenge themselves in new and innovative ways
Computer Coding

A group of empowered local women will gather on April 18, at White Water Gallery, to collectively battle the rising issue of women’s limited presence online, specifically on Wikipedia according to a Gallery news release.

The event is referred to as a Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon, organized by a campaign, Art + Feminism.

During this event, participants will be encouraged to edit and create Wikipedia pages for female artists. This may include linking Wikipedia pages to each other, adding spouses, or creating an entire page from start to finish.

Serena Kataoka, the director of White Water Gallery says based on a 2011 study, less than 10 per cent of Wikipedia articles are edited by women.

“Before last year's Art + Feminism event, I was intimidated by creating content for one of the world's largest online reference sites. But thanks to a friendly how-to video and a room full of capable women, I was able to create a new Wikipedia page, and generate links to increase connections to the pages of influential female artists.  Much to my surprise, the evening was fun and relaxing, so I am super-excited about this year's event!.

"While the reason for the gender gap is uncertain, it is possible that the issue arises based on the fact that women feel as though they do not have the know-how to tackle a Wikipedia entry. White Water Gallery aims to change that with their upcoming Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon event."

White Water Gallery is a not-for-profit Artist-Run Centre.