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'We're not Thunder Bay' Anthony wants re-brand of city's image

'We need to re-brand to explain who we are and where we are'
northbay logo
North Bay's present logo uses a 20 year old slogan,

Council candidate Mike Anthony is tired of people mistaking North Bay for Thunder Bay, and is calling for an updating of the city's image.

"The time has come to look at some smart re-branding of our city. For close to two decades now 'Just North Enough to be Perfect' has failed to help clarify just how close we are to Toronto/Ottawa, and that we are NOT Thunder Bay."

Anthony says if re-elected he will move a motion to get the ball rolling to re-brand the community because the province's and nation's decision-makers in southern Ontario don't understand where we are and who we are.

Anthony has some suggestions for discussion.

  • At the Heart & Centre of Ontario
  • Northern Perfection Less than 4 Hours from Toronto
  • Northern Quality of Life, Just Hours from 80% of Ontario's Population
  • The Best of Both Worlds -  Relaxed Lifestyle Just Hours from Ontario's Biggest Cities
  • The name says North, the location is just hours from the GTA

Anthony wants the City to also give citizens a chance to submit their ideas.