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Well known sports figure, teacher Art Gabor passes

Art’s contribution to sport was recognized by the North Bay Sports Hall of Fame

A man well-known for his love of basketball and teaching has died.

Arthur John Gabor passed on Wednesday Nov 18, at the age of 92.

"Art always expressed that he wanted to make a difference and contribute in a way that made the world a better place and he did just that," reads his obituary. "Art was an outstanding athlete in his own rite, a dedicated coach and a contributor at every level of sport."

As a teacher, he spent most of his career at Chippewa Secondary School.

Art spent countless hours organizing tournaments, coaching kids, mentoring coaches, officiating basketball, and supporting the North Bay Legion Track Club. The Chippewa boys basketball tournament, aptly named the Art Gabor Classic Basketball Tournament, one of the largest in Ontario, was one of his sources of pride and he stayed involved until his failing health did not allow him to do so. 

Art’s contribution to sport was recognized by the North Bay Sports Hall of Fame in 1986 and he was very excited to receive this honour because as he indicated, it was recognition from his peers, which was very important to him. 

"Art Gabor was a multi-sport man as an athlete," according to the Hall of Fame writeup. "He played hockey, basketball, and football and took part in track. In hockey he won a pair of university scoring titles and went on to star in intermediate and senior ranks.

As a teacher, he started in Kirkland Lake, then came to NBCI&VS and joined Chippewa in 1958 where he remained until June 1985. He was the school’s Boys Athletic Director there for 27 years. He was a multi-sport man there too, and an innovator supreme - starting the Tomahawk Basketball Tournament, starting junior football in the NDA and NOSSA and bantam football at the NDA level.

He coached teams to some 17 football championships over the years. He also coached all levels of basketball for 27 years. A Martyn Memorial Trophy winner for basketball, he served on the Ontario Basketball Association Executive for some time, was a fully ranked basketball official and refereed games into his eighties.

He worked closely with Bill Colcock in both track and cross country and helped bring both sports to the fore. Active for a number of years with the North Bay Legion Track Club, he emphasized learning and taking part. He was a convenor, coach, official and advisor in both high school and North Bay sports for better than thirty years, working enthusiastically and humbly; many an athlete called him not only coach -but a friend"

In addition, he loved music, playing his guitar and drums and “jamming” with friends whenever he got the chance.  

"Art’s life was well-lived and he was well-loved - we have lost a generous and compassionate man but he has left us with abundant memories and set an admirable example for all of us to always be kind to each other and smile, even in the most difficult and challenging times."

Read Art's complete obituary here.