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Want to Trick or Treat? There's a map for that

Local Facebook group is helping trick our treaters navigate through Halloween 2020
2020 North Bay halloween  map
A photo of the google map. Courtesy North Bay Halloween Facebook page.

A group of Halloween enthusiasts is creating a unique Halloween Trick or Treating map through a new Facebook page called North Bay Halloween.

The locally created Facebook group is asking local residents who will be handing out candy to post their address.

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They ask residents to download google maps to access it and different color ghosts will tell trick or treaters what households in the area are taking part on Saturday night.  

An Orange Ghost indicates that you are giving out candy, a Purple Ghost means you are giving out candy with instruction such as using a side door, a Teal Ghost means allergy-free and Black Ghost indicates a haunted house.  

"We created this group so that kids would not miss out on Halloween this year," the group stated.  

Back on October 20, the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit announced it's discouraging children from door to door trick or treating this Halloween.

"With Halloween approaching, the Health Unit understands the community’s excitement about this ghoulish holiday; however, the Health Unit does not recommend door-to-door trick-or-treating or congregating with others outside of your household," said a news release on Oct. 20.  

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