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UPDATE: Moyer fired Voodoos head coach suspended over 'innocent mistake'

The coach of the Powassan Voodoos of the NOJHL, Beau Moyer, has been suspended for 15 games by the league for a drinking infraction his father calls an innocent mistake.
Beau Moyer

Update: The Powassan Voodoos fired its coach Beau Moyer after last night's game against the Cochrane Crunch. Neither the team nor league commissioner Robert Mazzuca is commenting on the action. BayToday will update.


The coach of the Powassan Voodoos of the NOJHL, Beau Moyer, has been suspended for 15 games by the league for a drinking infraction his father calls an innocent mistake.

The incident, according to Al Moyer happened the night of December 16 after a hockey game against the Hearst Lumberjacks in Hearst.

After the game the team went back to the hotel to register and Al, Beau and one of the assistant coaches went to the bar to relax and grab a beer.

"We were there for about 20 minutes when four of our players show up...two 20 year olds and two 19 year olds, all legal age. They asked if they could join us and we all had a couple of beer each. We each paid for our own beer and left together shortly before 12, went up to our rooms and the night was over."

Moyer says they didn't know one of the coaches from the Hearst team was videotaping and taking pictures of the group.

"That's as low as can be," a disappointed Moyer exclaimed. "There was no harm in it when you get together after a game and settle down, have a beer and go to bed. It's a normal Canadian thing to do and these kids are of age. It's not something we promote but it seemed a normal thing to do. I was flabbergasted when my son told me he was suspended and didn't know why."

Beau is under a gag order and unable to comment.

Of the 15 game suspension, Moyer calls it "a little harsh" after looking at the league's code of conduct.

"We didn't break any rules as far as I can see, being that you are not allowed to drink alcohol at the venue where the game is taking place, which wasn't done. These guys, 19 and 20 are men. It's an innocent mistake on my son's part and no harm no foul. We thought the suspension was excessive." 

Voodoos GM Chris Dawson issued a statement.

"Beau has breached the code of conduct rules of the Northern Ontario Junior 'A' Hockey League.  As per the league protocol, we cannot release any more details.  Any other questions should be forwarded to NOJHL commissioner Robert Mazzuca."   

Mazzuca did not return a telephone call asking for comment.

Head coach and GM of the Hearst Lumberjacks, Marc LaFleur said, although he was not under a gag order, he did not want to comment on his team's part in the Moyer suspension.

For now, Bruce Cazabon will take over the Voodoo coaching duties.

Editor's note: Voodoos GM Chris Dawson is also a reporter for BayToday.


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