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Visitor restrictions reinstated

The North Bay General Hospital has reinstated visitor restrictions on McLaren 300 West.
The North Bay General Hospital has reinstated visitor restrictions on McLaren 300 West.

Further details are included in the following news release issued today by the hospital:

North Bay General Hospital has reinstated its restriction to visitors on the Rehabilitation Unit (McLaren Site 300 West) due to a second outbreak of influenza. Visitors to this unit, 4West Scollard are restricted and only parents and guardians are allowed to visit paediatrics.

Visitors and caregivers are still allowed to visit on other units at this time, but are reminded to stay away from the hospital if they are experiencing any flu-like, or gastro illness symptoms.

The hospital is monitoring the situation on a continuous basis and will issue a Full Visitor Restriction in the future should the flu spread to other areas of the hospital.

Visitors are reminded to wash their hands with the alcohol rinse provided in each lobby before entering AND leaving the facility.

The public is reminded that influenza is easily transmitted and can greatly affect patients and the staff providing care. This effort protects patients and staff from what could be serious complications from the flu. Since influenza is so easily transmitted there is a greater chance of our patients and staff becoming ill if someone who has symptoms chooses to visit.

Symptoms of influenza include: fever, sore throat, chest congestion, nausea and/or vomiting, muscle aches and pain. Transmission is by respiratory droplets—a sneeze and direct or indirect contact from contaminated hands and surfaces. Adults are infectious in three to five days from the onset, and children are infectious up to seven days from onset.