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Veteran police chief packs it in

'I move ahead with no regrets, new friendships and new energy for the future challenges'
Seguin, Chuck WN Police Chief
West Nipissing Police Chief Chuck Seguin.

West Nipissing Police Chief  Chuck Seguin has resigned effective July 3.

In a news release today, Seguin thanks citizens, board members, and staff he worked with over the years.

"As a new and exciting opportunity has recently presented itself, I have decided to part company with you in my current role as Chief of Police," Seguin wrote in his resignation letter.

Seguin joined the Sturgeon Falls police department in April 2009. He is also a former North Bay police officer.

"It is time, however, to move on to another phase of my life," the Chief added without mentioning what that phase would entail but is outside the field of policing.

"The future is the great unknown, however, the past is often the best predictor of the future. The changes that we see coming and those that we do not, will be met with the same courage, energy, and flexibility by those who have already demonstrated their commitment to contributing to our successes."

Seguin says policing in Ontario is being transformed and will require an even greater commitment to partnerships,  community mobilization,  and the ability to accept a new way of doing business.

"I move ahead with no regrets, new friendships and new energy for the future challenges."

The Police Board Chair Barry Bertrand accepted the resignation, saying "the decision is consistent with discussions held at the time of his contract negotiations."

Seguin's resignation comes at a time of great turmoil at the department.

West Nipissing council voted to scrap the local service and bring in the OPP after a costing was completed.

That led to an open fight between council and the police services board.

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Bertrand, feels the town council and OPP are working behind the back of the local board after Council voted last year to go to the OPP for community policing and disband the local service.

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Bertrand says his board is concerned about the costing process and says those concerns are being ignored, while the Board is still being asking to sign off on the plans.