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This is national fishing week

The fishing industry generates over $8 billion to the Canadian economy.
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Dust off the old rod and reel, it's National fishing Week, and no license needed.

National Fishing Week is a week-long celebration of a heritage activity integral to our Canadian identity… recreational fishing. During National Fishing Week, Canadians will go fishing at hundreds of fishing events from coast to coast to coast.

In Ontario, there is no better time to try fishing than during National Fishing Week. Ontario’s Family Fishing Week falls during National Fishing Week from July 2nd to 10th. This means that Canadian residents can go fishing in Ontario without a license during this time.

Fishing is about so much more than just catching a fish. It’s about family, fun, and serenity. In a world full of distractions fishing brings us closer to our family and friends, and reminds us of what matters most. Fishing is an adventure, and nothing beats the thrill of reeling in the big one. Fishing has also been shown to have both mental and physical benefits.

Fishing benefits both Canadians, and the Canadian economy. The fishing industry generates over $8 billion to the Canadian economy. Fishing is good for us, plain and simple.

About National Fishing Week: National Fishing Week is supported by Catch Fishing, a national program dedicated to encouraging Canadians to get outdoors and enjoy our angling heritage throughout the year. It is supported by federal, provincial and territorial governments, as well as hundreds of organizations and businesses that work hard to ensure sustainable fishing opportunities while safeguarding fish populations everywhere. To find out more about National Fishing Week, visit