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The Quarantine Cup Girls version!

BayToday unveils two girls rosters and you can vote on who you think would win
20200413 dominico george
Lily George with UNB and Maria Dominico with the Nipissing Lakers highlight the Skyhawks and Centennials Girls Quarantine Cup rosters.

North Bay's Quarantine Cup got some very positive feedback, even from some of the rostered Quarantine Cup players and parents. 

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So, with help from some very knowledgable coaches involved in local girl's hockey, we have put together a female version of North Bay's Quarantine Cup. 

The two 20-player teams are made up of predominantly local talent or players that have suited up for the North Bay Ice Boltz in North Bay in the past.   

So hypothetically, if Memorial Gardens was available, these players could prepare for the hopeful full return of hockey by taking part in this unique head-to-head local tournament.  

Remember, this is for fun and these are just hypothetical rosters. But you will get a chance to vote on who you think would win at the bottom of the page! 

First, let's give you more details on the two Quarantine Cup teams. The players vary from 2005 to 2000; with each team allowed two overage players (99).  


The Skyhawks offence will be able to fly with the offensive firepower supplied by the Dominico sisters and backstopped by Nipissing Lakers goalie Danika Ranger.  That team also includes the Irwin twins; Hannah and Sarah, who both play for the Western Mustangs (OUA).  

The team also features 2005 young phenom Mave O'Hagan, who is expected to play junior this coming season. 


Up front, the Cents will be led by Brown University's Madie Stockfish along with Ryerson forward Cassie Rich, and Princeton's OA Sarah Verbeek. Lily George, who finished her second season at UNB, supplies more experience to the Cents forward group.  

The Cents blueline is bolstered by a pair of NCAA defenders in OA Kristen Siermachesky (Syracuse), and Teagan Grant (U of Wisconsin).  

In goal, the former midget Ice Boltz duo of Charley Wing and Cailen Hanzlik will share the crease.  

Even though this is a hypothetical or virtual head-to-head event, like the boys, it is pretty obvious there's a lot of local hockey talent at all different levels in the North Bay area. 

You can vote for your winner at the bottom of the story! 


Forward: Malory Dominico 02, Maria Dominico 99 (OA), Eryn Wolfe 03, Melanie Young 00, Mave O'Hagan 05, Madison Desmarais 02, Hannah Irwin 00, Lanie Guimond 03, Catherine Heroux 01, Emma L'Ami 01, Renee Gallagher 01, Matsyn Ferriera 03

Defence: Britney Zack 00, Sarah Irwin 00, Mackenzie McMahon 01, Tianna Maisonneuve 02, Ashley Robitaille 02, Abby L'Ami 02 

Goal: Danika Ranger 99 (OA), Jessica Couch 01


Forward: Ashtyn Denomme 03, Jayden Denomme 02, Lily George 00, Cassie Rich 00, Sarah Verbeek 99 (OA), Madie Stockfish 00, Alexe Clavelle 01, Michaela Pressault 02, Madison Moore 04, Jenna Bolton 01, Jenna Faulkner 01, Hannah Desrosiers 03

Defence: Kristen Siermachesky 99 (OA), Brianna Legros 02, Teagan Grant 01, Danika Gravelle 02, Emily Gravelle 03, Jaye Harrington 01

Goal: Charley Wing 02, Cailen Hanzlik 02 

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