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That positive test at Cassellholme? Turns out it's negative

'We are so grateful to have the results back to provide you with this update'
Jeff Turl/BayToday.

Good news at Cassellhome regarding that positive COVID-19 test last week.

Turns out the results of the second swab came back with a different result.

"It turns out it is NEGATIVE (the swab was taken the same day that the results were revealed –Sunday May 3rd), " says Jamie Lowery, Chief Executive Officer. "We are so grateful to have the results back to provide you with this update!"

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Lowery says he's awaiting direction from the health Unit regarding the facilities status with respect to the COVID-19 Facility Wide Outbreak.

"They may request another test be performed and/or every single swab to be returned negative."

A resident tested positive for the virus at Cassellholme last weekend.  

"During surveillance testing, a positive case of COVID-19 was identified in a resident who has no symptoms," stated Lowery.

The person who tested positive, but is now negative, is a man between 60-79 years of age. 

The resident and roommate were transferred to a special isolation unit that was set up several weeks ago in preparation should a case be confirmed

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