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St. Louis blues! Sports bar closing

About 20 employees will be thrown out of work

 The St. Louis Bar & Grill on McKeown Ave. will close for good as of this Sunday night.

About 20 employees will be thrown out of work, mostly university and college students, after being given just a week's notice.

A source told BayToday mismanagement is the cause, with the restaurant being without a manager for the past eight months. The franchise was opened by a Sudbury businessman.

The building has apparently been sold to a North Bay businessman with restaurant experience, and after extensive renovations will reopen again under a different name by February. Sources say it's Sylvain Rivet, formerly connected with Burger World. However, he didn't return a call asking for comment.

It is the second restaurant to close in the last three months on the McKeown strip. The Miner's son closed in June.

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