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Snowmobile trails opening in the area

'Trails in the area are opening on a daily basis thanks to the incredible snowfall we had over the weekend'
20180309 snowmobile on lake nipissing turl
A snowmobiler speeds across the ice on Lake Nipissing. Photo by Jeff Turl.

It appears Mother Nature is making friends with snowmobilers in the North Bay area.  

Shawn Flindall is a director and communications official with the North Bay Snowmobilers Club. 

"Trails in the area are opening on a daily basis thanks to the incredible snowfall we had over the weekend," said Flindall.  

"Not only was it a better part of 30 cm of snow but it was nice moisture packed snow which is great for grooming trails and we have had some nice cold nights since which is great for holding that groom and keeping the trails firm."

However, that snowstorm did cause some issues that are currently still being cleaned up.   

"That snow did cause some problems, we ended up having a lot more trails to clear again with trees that had folded over into different trails but overall we are in pretty good shape and I think by this weekend we will probably have 75 per cent of the trails in the region open but on a limited basis," he said.  

Flindall reminds snowmobile enthusiasts that it is still considered early season riding in the North Bay area. 

"It is really important to be cautious out there, keep the speeds down, make sure that you pack some safety gear," he said.

"There will be lots of snowmobiles on the trails on the first weekend and some people will end up in trouble out there because of broken down sleds or whatever, so be prepared to lend a hand. It is going to be cold and snowy so make sure you dress appropriately. We are all excited to get out there but we do not want to see anything bad happen so just be cautious and enjoy the trails." 


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