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Sledder caught going 123 km/h in a 50 zone in Haliburton

OPP say they clocked and charged a snowmobiler going almost three times the speed limit on a trail in Haliburton.
20220112 snowmobiler caught 123 kmh haliburton
OPP caught a snowmobiler going 123 km/h in a 50 zone.

OPP say they clocked and charged a snowmobiler going almost three times the speed limit on a trail in Haliburton.

"Snowmobiler going 123km/h in a 50km/h zone in Haliburton Forest was stopped' by police conducting patrols, says a posting on Twitter. The fine is $85.Since snowmobiles are subject to the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act the sleds are not seized.

You can see the Act here.

The associated fines are here.

"Riding responsibly not only protects you, but also other trail users. Speed limit on OFSC trails is 50km/h. Please ride attentively, respectful and lawfully" adds the tweet.

The speed limit in Haliburton Forest is the same as OFSC trails and is subject to the same rules and regulations under Motorized Snow Vehicles Act

Its website says it is known as “Ontario’s snowmobiling wonderland” and offers "over 400 km of well-developed and carefully maintained snowmobile and winter ATV trails, Haliburton Forest is considered to be one of the Top 10 snowmobiling destinations in North America."

Most OFSC trails remain closed. Check up-to-date trail status here.

Meanwhile, Friday marks the start of Snowmobile Safety Week, which the OFSC calls, "an excellent opportunity for the OFSC to deliver a season-long message to recreational trail riders: Ride responsibly for your own safety and for safety those who share the trails with you."