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Sharp-witted employee catches customer fraud

Personal Identification cards and a credit card were seized at the time of the arrest
credit cards

An employee of a business on Algonquin Ave. was on the ball last week.

On May 10 North Bay Police were called when an employee of the business suspected a potential customer of being involved in a fraudulent credit application.

Police say two people were trying to obtain credit to purchase electronic equipment from the store and the employee was concerned with some of the details of the process and contacted police.

When police arrived they determined the identity information being used did not belong to the two males from Quebec and they were arrested.

A 22 year old man has been charged with;

  • Three counts of Possession of Identity Documents;
  • Three counts of Fraud;  
  • Three counts Identity Theft; and
  • One count of Obstructing a Police Officer

A young person has been charged with;

  • Two counts of Possession of Identity Documents;
  • Two counts of Fraud;  and
  • Two counts Identity Theft.

Personal Identification cards and a credit card were seized at the time of the arrest.

Police have identified additional occurrences in the Sudbury and Midland areas which led to the additional charges against both accused.

Both have been held in custody pending a Bail Hearing at the North Bay Courthouse.

In accordance with Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act, the North Bay Police Service will not be releasing the names, or any other information, that may lead to the identification of the young person accused.

Police say if you lose your wallet you should contact your local police to prevent any fraudulent use of your personal identification. Be sure to obtain the report number and the badge number of the officer who takes the report.

It’s always a good idea to keep photocopies of your identification in a safe place because it can help if you need to replace your identification or financial documents in the future.