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Scholarships for young scientists

Nipissing University is offering scholarships for young scientists.
Nipissing University is offering scholarships for young scientists.

Further information is included in the following news release issued today by the university:

Nipissing University will be rewarding young scientists from across Ontario this year as the university has announced that it will be offering scholarships worth $1,000 to the senior winners of regional science fairs.

The scholarships, which are offered to those students who choose to attend Nipissing, will help to offset tuition costs and are intended to attract the top students to Nipissing’s burgeoning science programs.

The university offers a wide range of sciences: biology,
environmental science, environmental geography, environmental science and physical geography, computer science, psychology, nursing, geology and mathematics.

Nipissing students get the opportunity to engage in
high-level research projects that are typically reserved for grad students in larger institutions, as well as having access to state-of- the-art facilities. The university’s small size also provides students with the opportunity for a great deal of interaction with faculty, as was displayed in the recent Globe and Mail University Report Card.

The report card gave Nipissing University an A+ in many key categories, including faculty members' knowledge of subjects, class size, availability of faculty outside classroom hours, level of interaction between faculty and students, student residences, and sense of personal safety/security. Nipissing also earned As in overall
university atmosphere, overall educational experience, and quality of teaching.

There are 31 regional science fairs in Ontario.

Nipissing University is co-hosting the 2006 North Bay Regional Science Fair with Canadore College. The fair is organized by the local Professional Engineers of
Ontario (PEO) chapter, and offers students six categories to choose from, ranging from biotechnology to physical sciences.

“The university is very proud to recognize and reward Ontario’s top science students and we hope that they will consider pursuing their post secondary education in one of Nipissing’s excellent science programs,” commented Dr. Dennis Mock, university president.

“Nipissing University strives to maintain an exciting and engaging learning atmosphere for our students. Any student who chooses Nipissing can be assured of a level of interaction with their professors that is second to none.”