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Scammers posing as cops over the phone

Police have received multiple reports of scam calls primarily targeting elderly individuals
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North Bay Police Service

The North Bay Police Service is warning of scam calls where callers pose as police and demand payment for bail money to release a loved one from jail.

Local police have received multiple reports of scam calls primarily targeting the elderly.

During the call, the scammers claim that they are police and demand payment in cash for bail funds.

During the calls, the scammers will even let the victim speak with an individual claiming to be a lawyer who will reinforce the scammers demands. Victims are told to withdraw a large amount of money, but not to discuss the reason for the withdrawal with anyone, threatening the victim with criminal charges should they do so.

At this time, the North Bay Police has not received any locals falling for the scam.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be police and asking you to withdraw money, contact the North Bay Police Service at 705-497-5555.

If you receive a phone call claiming to be from a family member in an emergency situation, hang up the phone and contact them directly using a phone number you already have – not one provided by the suspected fraudster.

If the caller claims to be a law enforcement official, hang up and call your local police directly, using a phone number from a reputable source – not one provided by the suspected fraudster

Be suspicious of telephone calls that require you to immediately act and request money for a family member in distress

Listen to that inner voice that is screaming at you "This doesn't sound right"

It is important to know the Canadian Criminal Justice System does not allow for someone to be bailed out of jail with cash or cryptocurrency

Be careful what you post online

Scammers can get details that you shared on social media platforms and dating sites to target you or get names and details about your loved ones

Don't trust caller ID names and numbers.

Scammers use technology to disguise the actual number they are calling from and can make it appear as a trusted phone number, also known as spoofing