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Sara Carson: 'So thankful for the support'

'I've really had a wonderful experience'
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Sara Carson

The magic run on America's Got Talent for Sara Carson and her dog Hero has ended and now she's expressing gratitude for the tremendous support she received from her fans in North Bay, and across Canada.

"Honestly, I was so thankful to get so much support from everyone," she told BayToday in a phone call from Los Angeles where she now lives.

"I couldn't believe the support I was getting and I didn't know half of the people that were sending all the emails and phone calls that I got. It's just incredible and I appreciate it so much."

A number of family and friends joined the audience during the final show, which Sara says she wasn't nervous about.

"I wasn't nervous at all for that final show because at that point you just do the best you can. You made top 10 so we were all winners at that point."

But she did feel the pressure of coming up with a new act every week.

"Ya, it was tough," she sighed. "I actually had to fly in a trainer and hired a few local trainers down there to help me backstage behind the scenes because as I was using multiple dogs it became really difficult."

At one point she had to design a new act in five days.

"Ya that was brutal," she laughs. "I got no sleep. I'm pretty glad the pressure is now off. I'm going to miss performing every Tuesday and the people I made friends with in the top 10 and the ones who left, it was tough to just leave them." 

The performers became friends backstage and it became a really good atmosphere for the young trainer as everyone supported each other 100 per cent.

And being on the show has changed her, she feels.

"It's helped me become more patient. AGT is a lot of 'hurry up and wait' game so you really have to learn to be patient. I think it's made me become a better trainer as well because of how much I had to do in such a short amount of time with a new routine every single week."

Sara says she has a bunch of offers as a result of the show.

"We have one key one that we've already agreed to. I'm going to be performing in a variety show in Reno over the Christmas holidays. That's a huge gig in a casino and will be pretty fun."

But don't plan on watching Sara and her dogs in other contests anytime soon.

"I'm not allowed to for the next three years," she chuckled. "So if anybody wants to try it, now is the time because in three years I'm going at it again."

Now that's she's so busy she's been forced to cancel plans to visit North Bay this fall. She does have a workshop in Ottawa but will have to fly in and out.

"I'm too busy now. I've had to cancel a North Bay workshop and a few other events because of the Reno gig."

So things are looking up for the local dog trainer.

And that car she's been living out of for the past couple of years?

"I'm actually relocating to a home in Los Angeles. I've really had a wonderful experience."

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