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Rogue climate activist fights Ford's gas pump stickers with more stickers

'The stickers are misleading, partisan and unconstitutional'

A local climate activist, going under the pseudonym Douglas Ford, is fighting Premier Doug Ford's carbon tax stickers with...more stickers. 

The person emailed the photos of a local gas pump to BayToday this morning.

"The Ontario government, under the leadership of Premier Doug Ford, enacted the Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act, often called the Sticker Act, which requires gas station owners to promote the government's anti-carbon tax position or face significant fines," says the activist. "The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has argued that the law illegal because it violates the freedom speech provisions in our constitution by compelling political speech.  Greenpeace Canada agrees, saying that the stickers are misleading, partisan and unconstitutional."

The attached pictures were taken at a gas station near North Bay.

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The stickers have been controversial.

Ontario Energy Minister Greg Rickford last month blamed "Liberal staffers" for peeling government-mandated anti-carbon tax stickers off of gas pumps, insisting that disappearing decals are not the result of ordering incorrect glue.

And gas station owners who don't put the government's anti-carbon tax stickers on their pumps could be fined but won't be handed the maximum penalty available.

Ford says his government will enforce a law passed earlier this year that makes the stickers mandatory, but the fines will be less than $500, not the $10,000 maximum.

Adding to the sticker apparently carries no fine.

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