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OPINION Walton: Disenchanted

"I thought why not give the young feller a chance to show us what he has got behind the smiling face"
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Pre-clearance at customs: What do you mean -  I need a full-body search?

Okay, I admit that I voted for young Trudeau in the last election. At the time, I thought Tom Mulcair would make a better Prime Minister but based on our local MP candidate, I thought why not give the young feller a chance to show us what he has got behind the smiling face. I am becoming disenchanted and wonder if I made a mistake.

Certainly it was great to see more women and minorities in the House and Cabinet.  A couple of them seemed a little shy on experience but what the hey, there were a few old dogs around to give them advice when needed. But in the last couple of months the PM and his protégées seem to have lost their compass.

I’m not naive enough to have believed Justin would keep all his promises but the one about changing the First Past the Post election method was one of the promises that sold me on the young feller.  Our local candidate seemed to agree that we needed to improve our method electing our representatives in government. Forward thinking nations around the world had tried it and had good results.  But Justin, once he had the sweet taste of success in his mouth wanted to stay on, and the now Old Boys and Girls Club in the Liberal Party agreed that keeping the First Past the Post was the surest way to defeat the other two parties who are struggling to find a leader before the next election.

But Justin’s defense of why his committee could not agree to do anything is simply ludicrous. His calling of Kellie Leitch, a Conservative contestant for their leadership, a potential danger to the country in a Proportional system beggars the truth. Trudeau has been reading too many Tweets by DJT.  The man who would be King forever simply doesn’t want to take a chance on a better system of voting.

This outburst came soon after he holidayed on a nice warm island with one of his wealthy friends who just happened to have business connections with the government of Canada. And this shortly after a Dollars per Plate dinner fundraiser that smelled of more than roast chicken. I hope the visit with the Aga Khan doesn’t come up in conversation with The Donald at their meeting as the Prez seems to be suspicious of Muslims. But I cannot fault young Trudeau for having wealthy friends. I wish I had some.

Now comes the news that Trudeau is thinking about changing the oath of allegiance for new Canadians. He thinks New Canadians should swear (or promise) to uphold the legal laws of not only Canada and the Queen of Britain but of another Nation. This comes from the Truth and Reconciliation effort to improve relations with our First Nations people, no doubt with good intentions. This allegiance thing needs some rethinking. First of all, get rid of the Queen verbiage. Nice person and all, but come on, its 2017, Justin.  Let’s make that pledge, if we must have one, simple and all-encompassing:  “I, [name], do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Canada.”

However the straw that is sticking in my craw is this agreement to let US Border Officers, working on Canadian soil, arrest, detain and search Canadian citizens in our own country. Harper started this but it could be a terrible precedent. Under which country’s laws do these agents of a foreign power operate? Yes, this is all in the interest of getting people across borders more quickly but with the Executive-Order writing Tweeter in power in Washington and a promise-breaking neophyte in Ottawa, where will it end?

These are just some of the things I read in the press and hear on the news. Might there be more surprises in store for us before the next election?  It’s too bad we won’t have a different voting system for the next election. I could still vote for Anthony but I surely would like a choice for Prime Minister. Just saying.