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Opinion: Community in Parry Sound being destroyed by extended lockdown

'People here are depressed and have given up on any hopes of opening up again'
20200707 downtown parry sound 1 turl
Downtown Parry Sound.

Editor's note: Ms. Downing is referring to the BayToday article Majority of Cassellholme outbreak cases have since retested as 'negative'

In Parry Sound, we all read your article from Saturday about the negative test results and how this mixup has certainly been an excuse to keep Parry Sound in lockdown.

PLEASE keep running this story. I have seen no mention of this on the Parry Sound news and no response from the health unit.

I practically expected our lockdown to be lifted this morning based on this news. Silly me! 

Our area, like many others, seems to be at the mercy of the district health unit. You could shoot a cannon down our main street with small businesses closed or up for sale because they will never get back on their feet. BUT, I have turned around and come home after seeing the parking lot of Walmart packed, Sobey's grocery store full, and it's not from local people.

We locals stay at home while cottagers and travellers pack these stores.

People here are depressed and have given up on any hopes of opening up again.

It’s the small businesses that are the core of a community and ours are being destroyed. The kids are all going to school, pack the sidewalks, pack the parking lot of the local Circle K corner store and yet a small business can’t have two people inside. The trails were all opened up so that people can at least legally get out. They can walk back in the bush, in small groups but a local small business can’t have a few people inside, following the protocols.

Thanks for listening to me on another grey, snowy day.

Cathy Downing