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Officer awarded for investigating unspeakable acts

'For one, I wouldn’t (describe it) and it is actually indescribable'
Police Board Chair Dennis O'Connor shakes the hand of D/Cst. Jason Long who received a Board Commendation this morning. Photo by Chris Dawson.

We all have challenges in our daily lives but having to deal with child pornography on a daily basis can be an incredibly stressful endeavour.  

Today, the North Bay Police Service gave a Police Board Commendation to Detective-Constable Jason Long for his five years of stressful work with the Provincial Strategy, which investigates child exploitation cases and internet crime against children.    

Long has investigated 65 child exploitation related incidents, which led to 74 total charges being laid against 29 people over the past three years.   

Long has a difficult time putting his line of investigative work into words.  

“For one, I wouldn’t (describe it). It is actually indescribable,” Long said bluntly shortly after receiving his commendation.  

Long is an officer but he is also a dad too, which means it can be very difficult not to bring this job and it’s bizarre investigations from his desk at police headquarters to his home in North Bay.  

“My wife and I have a good group of friends that keep us grounded. Also, we are very physically active, playing sports, We are very active with our kid's activities, soccer, dancing, skiing, that type of thing. So it keeps you busy, focused and keeps your mind healthy,” he admitted. 

Police Chief Shawn Devine says officers involved with the child exploitation field are tested before and during their involvement as it is not something he believes anyone should do long term.  

“The Deputy and I are very cognizant that this is not something that you want to have an officer involved in for his whole career,” said Chief Devine

Despite how grim some of the investigations have been, Long is proud of what he has accomplished in the past five years as he hands over the job to another colleague.  

“There is one that stands out. It took 18 months before I could identify the suspect before an arrest was made, so that is one that I will always remember and will be proud of,” said Long. 


Chris Dawson

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