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Notes from the CPC convention

Nipissing - Timinskaming MP Jay Aspin News Release ********** Recently MP Aspin attended the 2013 CPC convention in Calgary.
Nipissing - Timinskaming MP Jay Aspin
News Release


Recently MP Aspin attended the 2013 CPC convention in Calgary. While MP Aspin attended the convention to represent the issues and concerns of his constituents, his trip was not parliamentary business. No tax-payer funds were used for either his travel or accommodation.

From MP Aspin:

· I have been at several political conventions in my life – this one was certainly the most memorable for its enthusiasm and inspiration

· All 3,000 delegates left with a strong desire to work hard to make this great country even greater … with the accomplishments of our government to date and what is on the horizon it made me very proud to be Canadian

· PMSH speech was a balanced overview of what we have accomplished since 2006 and the outlined a focused plan for the way ahead

· Priority agenda mirrored the Throne Speech - Continued strong economic management, a focus on families and a consumer friendly agenda as well as celebrating our accomplishments as a nation are top priorities on the list

· On the lighter side the highlight of the convention was the PM handling the keyboards and vocals in a “delegates only” performance singing songs in a band called Herringbones and responding to a thronging encore from the delegates with his rendition of BTO’s “Taking Care of Business” I have always been a Johnny Cash fan and his rendition of “Folsom Prison Blues” as one of the 5 songs was one of the best I have heard.

As far as some of my priority issues for the riding I pursued I made some solid progress…

· Pleased with the renewed focus on fire arms registry - we have to continue to reform firearm’s legislations so duck hunter and recreational sports enthusiasts don’t become victims - spoke with Minister Blaney at length about this

· Supported the strong movement in our caucus for consumer friendly initiatives such as more choice for cable viewers and parity to US retail prices for shoppers

· Promoted my idea of having a special municipal infrastructure fund for municipalities under 60,000 in Economic Action Plan 2014

· Made my colleagues aware of the Aerospace Forum we are hosing in North Bay this week which will include visits from the major aerospace companies in Canada to tour our facilities and participate in round table discussion with Hon. James Moore, Minister of Industry.

· The senate issue was addressed and I was pleased that PM spoke of his frustration in that he had spent decades trying to reform the Senate and had been blocked by the opposition.

Therefore, it was his view the Senate itself has the responsibility to start reforming itself and this will begin with the suspension motion this week on the three Senators who have been abusing the system.

I am as frustrated as many constituents who have expressed the view to me that there is never anything done about Senator abuses. Hopefully this will change this week.