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North Bay's Mr. Good Deeds

'There's nothing better than doing something that makes you feel great about yourself'
Carmen Anello watching his youngest son play street hockey. Carmen missed one of his son's soccer games to be a good samaritan. Photo by Chris Dawson.

Carmen Anello has never been afraid to lend a helping hand.  

About 10 years ago, he saved his neighbours son by helping him get out of a burning home.  Last year, Anello was credited with putting out a grass fire on the overpass on his birthday.

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But just last week, Anello’s next good deed was to help a lost elderly woman.

Anello, a single father of two boys, was taking one of his boys to a soccer game which was only a few blocks from his West Ferris area home.   

“I saw an elderly lady walking her dog and looking a little confused,” explained Anello on Facebook. 

“I rolled down my window and asked her if she was okay. She told me she was out walking her dog and was lost. She asked me if I knew where a certain street was that I didn't recognize but she was pretty sure it was just around the corner.”  

At first, Anello assumed that the women knew where she was going so he decided to go to the soccer game until something in his kind heart clicked.   

“Something told me to go back and check on her,” he said.  

“I turned around and when I found her I decided to GPS her Street.” 

Anello was glad he did because she was at least four blocks away and heading in the wrong direction. 

“I asked her if she wanted me to give her and her dog a ride home,” he said.  

“She told me she had been walking for a while and that she was very tired. At first, she was a little hesitant but after explaining how far she was away from her home, she decided to take the offer.” 

When she got into the car, Anello realized the impact of his kindness.  

“When she got in the truck she began to cry. She told me she was 80 years old and felt that she needed to walk more because she had put weight on,” said Anello.  

“She also told me that she had been alone for 37 years.”

When they arrived at the woman’s home, Anello helped her out of his vehicle.  

“She had a difficult time and I don't think she would've made it home by herself,” he admitted.  

“I stayed with her and we chatted outside for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I missed part of my son’s soccer game but at that moment I had experienced what loneliness can do to someone. In 20 minutes, I was lost in the pain of someone else.”  

Anello says that moment made him realize how important it is to take care of our elders. 

“Take the time please and call your parents, grandparents, older friends or anyone you think of that could use a chat,” he stated. 

“The only regret I have is not having both my boys in the truck with me. These are the types of life lessons I want my boys to experience.” 

Anello’s Facebook post went viral around the social media community and that makes the generous North Bay native very happy.  

“Please share this story with the hopes that others will pick up and do the same,” he said. 

“There's nothing better than doing something that makes you feel great about yourself.”