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North Bay's last video rental store closing its doors

'I regret we are closing both Sandwich Classics and Cyclops New Releases to retire'
20210418 cyclops video
Cyclops video, the last video rental store in North Bay, is closing for good this month. Photo by Chris Dawson/BayToday.

Remember a time when there were dozens of locations across the city where you could rent a video?

Well, that industry has taken a huge hit in the past decade and the popularity of digital online options such as Netflix, Prime, Crave, and so on, have really put a huge dent in the industry. 

Some businesses persevered, but then COVID-19 arrived.  

For North Bay's last video rental store, Cyclops Video on Gormanville Road, which has been in business for more than 25 years, COVID-19 was something the business could not just fast forward through.  

"I regret we are closing both Sandwich Classics and Cyclops New Releases to retire," the message read on the Cyclops Facebook Page.   

"COVID-19 changed our Fridays and Saturdays immediately and we lost 60 per cent of our gross on those days. I sincerely enjoyed my interactions with renters and buyers through all the years since 1993 and hope that you feel the same way."

The closure has led ownership to offer up equipment and movie collectors merchandise.    

"We will be closed officially after April 8 and I will be around from April 16 in the afternoon if you want to contact me. This location will not be a video store anymore but the guts of the operation can be purchased for $ 5000 dollars and moved! Computers, ethernet net,  posters, and counters included."