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Nip U prof receives grant to study innovation

A Nipissing University professor has received a provincial grant to examine innovation.
A Nipissing University professor has received a provincial grant to examine innovation.

Further information is included in the following news release issued today by Nip U:

Nipissing University business professor Glenn Brophey has been awarded $20,000 to study innovation in mechanically based manufacturers.

The funding for Brophey’s research is provided by the Materials and Manufacturing Ontario Centre of Excellence and includes significant contributions from industry partners.

The money will be used to conduct extensive interviews within the companies and hire research assistants and students from Nipissing University, a significant benefit for university’s undergraduate students.

Brophey will be examining the role of innovation in small to medium-sized companies, those with between 50 – 500 employees.

He will look at innovation as a process, focusing on the steps of idea creation and acquisition, evaluation and implementation.

Brophey will compare the innovation process employed by each company, looking for trends that aid in successful innovation.

In business today, the innovation process is quite possibly the key mechanism for a business to distinguish itself from competitors.

To be a leader a company must be innovative, and continually create and implement new ideas and strategies to keep them on the cutting edge of their industry.

“Innovation is still commonly a misunderstood phenomenon, despite its inherent importance to a business,” said Brophey.

“The intention of my research is to address the confusion surrounding innovation management by taking an in-depth, focused look inside a sample of successful manufacturers. My findings should prove useful to management about innovation processes that are successful.”

“Professor Brophey’s research will have a significant benefit to Ontario,” said Mike Grace, Network Liaison Manager for Materials and Manufacturing Ontario.

“Our manufacturers are competing in a global marketplace and need to take proactive steps to remain at the
forefront. This study will help those manufacturers to employ efficient innovation techniques that are proven successful.”