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Nine-year-old among those recognized for saving lives

'I'm happy about it and I'm happy that I helped saved him'
20200721 Hare award
Trent Hare receives his award today. Photo by Chris Dawson/BayToday.

June 5 will be a day nine-year-old Trent Hare will never forget. 

On that day, he helped save his grandfather's life.  

"It was scary, I had a bad feeling and I just did not want to cry a lot," Trent said.  

"I asked him a lot of times if he wanted me to call someone and he finally said 'yes.'"

The local youth was recognized today for his heroic actions helping paramedics locate his grandfather, by the Nipissing District Paramedic Service at a ceremony at the EMS headquarters on Seymour Street in North Bay.

On June 5, Trent went fishing with his grandfather near Sand Dam Road north of the city. The fishing adventure was a special occasion because his grandfather, David Oley, had just recovered from a heart attack on March 29 and wanted to celebrate this new lease on life with his grandson.

While fishing, Mr. Oley began to feel weak and lethargic. This was an even more urgent situation given his heart attack barely two months earlier. He and Trent managed to get the boat back onshore. He instructed Trent to call his mother so that she could call 9-1-1.

Because of the remote location, Trent took it upon himself to find the closest road and wait for the responding paramedics in order to flag them down so his grandfather could receive medical attention.

"I'm happy about it and I'm happy that I helped saved him," Trent added. 

David Oley was thrilled to attend the ceremony and he is very proud of his grandson and fishing companion. 

"He was incredible, he went out to the truck and got the cell phone and constantly checked me, actually put water on my head when I was warm," he recalled.  

"So his thinking was just unbelievable. For a little guy to go out there all on his own is amazing just in itself but he just took it all in stride."

Trent Hare may have been the highlight of the event but he wasn't the only one recognized for heroism and bravery on this day. 

Advanced Care Paramedic Adam Brown, Primary Care Paramedic Marni McClure and Paramedic District Commander Robert Davison were recognized for their great efforts in saving Mr. Oley during his cardiac event back in March. Retired nurse Margaret Skinner, was also recognized for her efforts in helping save his life on that late March day. 

"I started CPR and I kept doing CPR until the paramedics arrived," said Skinner. 

Stephen Merkley, Paramedic Chief, Manager in North Bay, believes recognizing those heroes is important.  

"It is so important especially for our paramedics, to actually get a cardiac arrest save and for somebody to walk out of the hospital. It is a relatively rare occasion and at times paramedics don't get the recognition they deserve so it means the world to them that Mr. Oley can be here today to thank them," said Merkley.  

"I think the other important thing is to recognize how important CPR in the community is.  The fact that Mrs. Oley and the retired nurse were able to start CPR right away really had an important role in this successful resuscitation of Mr. Oley."

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