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Music and a view provided the perfect setting for a day on the slopes

'2nd annual "Music on the Slopes" fundraiser for Laurentian Ski Hill appeals to all ages'

Milo McCallum is definitely developing a sense of rhythm.

The two-year-old was bobbing and weaving to the music at the 2nd annual ‘Music on the Slopes’ outdoor concert presented by Laurentian Ski Hill.

“He is loving it,” said mom Katie.

“We were here last year. We love the fact it is a community event, and we have live music to listen to. And we generally go anywhere the Maple Hill Project is playing,” she grinned.

“The atmosphere here is very friendly and everybody seems to be enjoying themselves. And my son really enjoyed (Juno nominated) Jam Sandwich perform for the kids which was fun to watch.”

People came prepared with lawn chairs or blankets to watch Gravitas, the Maple Hill Project and the Brian Risk Band perform, with an outstanding view of the city and Lake Nipissing as a backdrop.  

It was almost like two events with families out more during the day, with a pub-like atmosphere for the adults as the day went on.

Robyn Curran, husband Adam, and one-year old Molly found a place for themselves on the slopes where they could kick back and enjoy the atmosphere.

“It is a beautiful day and the music is great. What we like about it is that it is early enough in the afternoon that you can bring your little ones and have a good time. They have the barbecue going, they have the vendors and there are lots of kids. It is entertaining for both the kids and the adults.”

Despite being moved back a day due to weather, Laurentian Ski Hill general manager Cam Graham was pleased with the attendance and the concert format.

“We only had to tweak things a little bit from last year. We have a few more vendors which is great. Our sponsors came back to support us which was wonderful. And I think we actually had more kids this year. The children’s act Jam Sandwich was lovely. That was new for us this year.”

Children could also enjoy craft tables, nature walks, bubbles, roasting marshmallows and eating hotdogs from the barbecue.

“I enjoyed doing the nature walk and blowing bubbles, the music, doing crafts and colouring,” said Victoria Burke who was busy making a snowman at the craft table.

The event is a fundraiser for the ski hill which has undergone some major changes this summer.  

The beginner run is quite short, but this winter, skiers will have the luxury of a beginner run extending all the way from the top to the bottom of the hill.

“If you look out you can see there has been a lot of work done on the hill. As of now, we have finished cutting the trees on the new run. So, we are preparing our new beginner run which I don’t think will just have beginners on it. I think it is going to be a fun run, but it will certainly be a more gradual run down the hill,” said Graham.

“It will benefit our school groups, our seniors and special needs groups that just want to run and come back on the big quad lift.”

As work continues on that project, the next stage will begin.

“We will start within the next week or two putting in more culverts to get some water to run off and save us snowmaking. Just different things that are going to allow us to be more efficient in making our snow as well.”

And even before the golf clubs are put away, memberships are already being purchased online.

“We don’t have somebody in the office every day, but if somebody wants to give us a call, we’ll make sure that we’re here.”