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Movie stars have more reasons to work in North Bay

'Meeting Bryan Cranston last week was pretty cool, Allison Janney if you remember her from West Wing, she was here a month living on Trout Lake'
Kelly Martin, Producer, KM Romance Swing Productions Inc., speaks to the media from the set of a film being shot in the Powassan area. Photo by Chris Dawson/BayToday.

Talking to Nipising MPP Vic Fedeli, you would certainly think North Bay is becoming or has become Hollywood North. 

That's because movie stars are everywhere in North Bay these days.  

"Meeting Bryan Cranston last week was pretty cool, Allison Janney if you remember her from West Wing, she was here a month living on Trout Lake," said Fedeli.  

"They love it here. I talk to Bryan Cranston about living here and he just could not get over how beautiful it is. At this set, we had Danica McKellar who was on the Wonder Years. I text her through Twitter about what is happening here, she was absolutely thrilled as she is driving back from Toronto today."

Emmy winner Cranston along with Janney have been in North Bay for the past few weeks filming "Everything's Going To Be Great."  

On Friday morning Fedeli was in Powassan on a production set where he announced $2 million in big money funding for some projects through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund (NOHFC). 

The NOHFC is funding the following projects filmed in and around the North Bay area:

  • 500,000 for KM Romance Swing Productions Inc. to produce the feature film Swing into Romance.
  • $500,000 for Carpe Dee Yum Productions Inc. to produce the film Seeds.
  • $500,000 for JoBro Productions Inc. to produce the film Boy in the Woods.
  • $500,000 for Drive Back Home Productions Inc. to produce the feature film Drive Back Home.

Kelly Martin is one of the producers benefiting from Friday's funding announcement.  

"It expands far beyond my position as a producer, what I see is opportunities for the rest of our local communities to take part in some way. Even if it is not directly involved in the show itself, they are still benefiting when films come to town," said Martin, producer, KM Romance Swing Productions Inc. 

"These films have not only impacted my life and the lives of the thousands of local cast and crew over the years, but also the many northern communities. It has allowed many people, just like me, to not only start a new career path, but a successful one at that, and in an industry that we are so passionate about."

Jennifer Jonas, producer with Carpe Dee Yum Production Inc. says when industry and government work together, sustainability happens.

"This has always been our experience working with MPP Fedeli. The government has incentive programs that support creative industries in the North. Creative industries previously didn’t get this level of assistance or attention, both of which MPP Fedeli offers and the industry recognizes and appreciates," she said. 

Fedeli is proud of the growth in the movie industry but he says the real Hollywood North stars are the local people in his riding. 

"I think that is the talent, it is our people," said Fedeli. 

"Everything no matter what industry it always boils down to the people. It is how these people have grown and matured in this industry so our secret sauce is the ecosystem we have built but you cannot do it without the talent."

Chris Dawson

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