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Momma Poon's choice for mayor

Kitty Lee knows what's cooking in the kitchen, and she also thinks she knows who'll cook as North Bay's next mayor.
Kitty Lee knows what's cooking in the kitchen, and she also thinks she knows who'll cook as North Bay's next mayor.

Lee, better known as Momma Poon for the restaurant of the same name she once owned on Algonquin Street, says she backs Vic Fedeli for the city's top political job.

And to make sure Chinese voters in North Bay back Fedeli too, she held a lunch Sunday to introduce him to the local community.

"I've known Vic and his family for many years and they are good people," Lee said.

"I want to help him from my heart and I want to see him go, go, go."

All the way to the mayor's chair, Lee added.

"Vic is a very successful businessman and I think he could persuade other businessmen from outside the city to come in and invest money in North Bay," Lee said.

"I think Vic could help make North Bay a better city."

Fedeli pressed the flesh and socialized before making a few informal remarks.

"The Chinese community here will never have a better friend in city hall than Vic Fedeli," he said.

"I am Italian, but while I've been to Italy only once in my life, I've been to Asia 20 times and it's my favourite part of the world."

Fedeli added he'd like to see more people coming to North Bay from overseas to help it grow, "but you need opportunity, you need to have a business opportunity."

He then outlined what he'd do and why if elected.

It's unlikely most people in the room understood what Fedeli was saying, but it didn't really matter since Lee has translated his campaign material into Chinese.

"As long as everyone understands what his platform means then they will vote for him," Lee said.
"Unfortunately a lot of the Chinese people in here don't speak English too much so they don't really know what's going on, but if I explain it to them in Chinese, they'll understand."

North Bay's Chinese population sits at less than 100, said Lee, down from around 500 20 years ago.

Hong Le has been part of the community since 1980, and the screenprinter likes what he sees in Fedeli.

"He's very dedicated to North Bay and I think if he's elected it will be very good for North Bay and the future," Le said.

"He can manage the budget for the city much better and bring in business from outside North Bay or the country, and create more jobs. I vote for him, no question of a doubt."