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Mayoral candidate turns into a Drag Queen to promote tourism

‘We can do better for everyone’
2022 06 26 north bay pride

Mayoral candidate for the City of North Bay Jason Maclennan, travelled to Pride Toronto dressed as drag queen Geri Atrick, to help drive tourism to North Bay.

Thousands of people stood on the streets in downtown Toronto to watch the Pride Parade. Jason, dressed as North Bay's Geri Atrick, waved, and talked to many people.

Maclennan says the North Bay Pride float was welcomed by the crowd. Geri was joined by many of the local community from North Bay, which included Drag Queen Dixie Rect, Dsyphoria, Spacey Gray and other representatives for disabilities, pansexual, trans, and a very proud mom and dad. 

Maclennan believes you need to be creative to attract tourism to North Bay.

"We cannot do that by sitting around in an office drinking coffee," said Maclennan in a release. 

"We must go to other cities, show what North Bay has to offer to drive tourism to the city of North Bay. Tourism helps us recover our local economy. Pride is a celebration and protest that can do just that. I care about the City of North Bay. I care about local small business. I care about the people. I want everyone to have opportunities to succeed instead of just the few. I am willing to dress in drag if that is what it takes! 

“We can do better for everyone. We must do better for everyone, and we will do better for everyone.” 

You can get more information and on Maclennan's platform by going to

Jason Maclennan was the third mayoral candidate to announce he is running for the October 2022 municipal election following Peter Chirico and Johanne Brousseau.