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Mayoral candidate makes controversial 'bacon' comment about local police (UPDATED)

Mayoral candidate now claiming police related comments come from a fake account
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The North Bay Police Association and the Chief himself were shocked to read some controversial comments on social media by North Bay mayoral candidate Will Boissoin.

The comment appeared after a BayToday story about the Police Association compiling a list of preferred candidates.

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“I bet I am not on that list since I want RCMP and OPP pricing,” noted Boissoin via Facebook.  

“They must be worried they will not be allowed to drive drug dealers to sales and drive drunk on our streets anymore,” continued Boissoin.

“Watch out NBPS we are going to straighten you out.  You work for us the taxpayer.”

Later on, he referred to police by stating “isn’t every cop a slice of bacon! Oink oink.” reached out to Boissoin about the comments yesterday but he did not reply by publication time Friday morning.  

“I don’t know what to say other than wow,” stated Police Chief Shawn Devine when reading the post.  

Aaron Northrup, the North Bay Police Association president, was quick to respond to the mayoral candidate's comments.  The Association recently came out as a third party advertiser for the municipal election as it has been meeting with mayoral and council candidates to see which ones support another OPP costing over the current municipal police service.

“I understand you want to disband the North Bay Police Service, that's your right, and if the Ontario Provincial Police (a very professional organization) did take over, you are aware numerous officers would remain, and of course, the probability of 50-60 well-paying jobs for civilian staff gone,” noted Northrup.  

“Well Mr. Boissoin, I, of course, am not pleased with these statements, yet I will actually defend you to some degree. CANADA is the greatest country in the world, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees this. Thousands of people each year flee war-ravaged lands, risking their lives and those of their families to get to Canada so they then can have an opportunity to express themselves freely.“

Northrup also noted Boissoin was one of the candidates that did not answer the Police Association candidates questionnaire.

“Lastly Mr. Boissoin, I offer you and any of the other candidates who did not meet with us or answer our questionnaire to sit with us and discuss freely their concerns, as opposed to broadcasting them through social media without any meaningful discussion,” he said.

However, around 4 p.m. on Friday, Boissoin responded to the comments stating it is not his facebook account but would not agree to BayToday interview on the subject. 

"Wow, starting fake news are we," he questioned in an email.  

"So some guy makes a fake facebook account and you think it's me. Crazy how attracting jobs and bringing the uni downtown can't get you to talk but a random facebook post does. It's probably done by someone running, ever think of that," continued Boissoin, alluding to his fellow mayoral candidates. 

"But hey, attack the little guy and let the millionares laugh."

BayToday stands by its original reporting.

The municipal election takes place on October 22.  


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