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Local trainer working on International TV show

'Participants embark on motivational journeys, facing both physical and emotional challenges, yet still achieve life-changing results'
Moco TVshow
Monique Cormier. Photo supplied.

A local fitness trainer has been asked to be a Celebrity Trainer for season three and four of Radical Body Transformations which airs on Amazon Prime TV.  

Celebrity Trainer MOCO, Radical Body Transformations lives and works at World Gym North Bay as a Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist.

Monique originally caught the eye of producers with her amazing transformation six years ago when she shed about 100 pounds and then began a career as a bodybuilder.  

"This actually started in 2014 when I was featured on the show as one woman selected out of 20 in all of North America to be actually featured in the docu-drama show," said Cormier.  

"So I was first in season one and because my story continued and we added the mix pairs and all these different divisions, they actually continued filming us in our journey to the National Stage as mixed pairs," she said about the competitions she took part in with her husband Joe Cormier.   

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Cormier says as part of the production of the show, she will need to travel to various fitness competition destinations to meet with her clients - one which is from Australia.   

"I will be the Trainer designing the programs for the next participants in season three and four," she explained.   

"I have been in fitness for 20 years and having my program design recognized by a filmmaker is an incredible feeling. I believe in his platform to change lifestyles - not fad diets that I am honoured to be the next Trainer and to be selected and classified as a Celebrity Coach is humbling and inspiring to my achievements in the fitness industry." 

The Amazon Prime documentary created by filmmaker James Hergott captures people from all walks of life trying to transform their bodies.  

"Participants embark on motivational journeys, facing both physical and emotional challenges, yet still achieve life-changing results," she said.

"A spectrum of dramatic transformations are presented including massive gains of 50 pounds of muscle as well as fat losses of 150 pounds." 

Cormier says the series includes various special guests including the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Most people don’t know this but I’ve trained with many high profile trainers such as Jillian Michael’s. I have been working hard to brand myself and I am grateful to receive this opportunity.

"Thank you James Hergott no words can express how awesome it is to have a World Wide opportunity to share my mission, to change people’s lifestyle and transform their health!" 

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