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Local Seniors get a chance on the Big Screen

“We are in a 100 year old hotel, it is gorgeous, and it brings a lot of production value into our film.”
Dearly Depottedmarch2016
First Row Left to Right : Trudy Nelson Velma Fell Jean Grace Mary Featherston Back Row from Left to Right: Producer David Anselmo ( Hideaway Pictures) Brooke Shields  Ariane Savard ( Administrator Empire Living ) Delphine Large WW2 Veteran Air Force Micheline Blais ( Northern and Extras Casting)

A few residents at the Empire Living Centre got a unique opportunity as part of wedding scene for "Dearly Depotted" which was shot in the facility on Thursday.   

Delphine Large, a World War II Air Force veteran was one of a handful of residents who got into the unique wedding scene.   

Producer David Anselmo from Hideaway Pictures, says it was a fabulous scene.  

“We are in a 100 year old hotel, it is gorgeous and it brings a lot of production value into our film,” Anselmo told  

“Everybody is dressed up with beautiful flowers. One of the lovely things that we had was that today, on set for some of our extras, some of the people who live at the living centre were participating in being extras on the show today. They got dressed up and were part of the wedding, it was great.”

Anselmo says it was an experience the residents won’t forget.   

“I think they really enjoyed it, they got to meet Brooke and one of them said it was the most fun they had all week,” he said.  

“We are happy to get them involved with the process and be part of the movie. They were gracious enough to let us film here we are very lucky to film here.”

Anselmo, who is originally from Sudbury, adds that his cast and crew - including Brooke Shields - loves being in North Bay.  

“This is our third episode here in the Flower Shop series, we are creating a lot of economic development I think when everything is said and done we would have spent 4 million dollars on the three episodes here in North Bay and hiring a lot of Northerners.” 

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