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Local optometrist says be careful if wearing cosmetic contact lenses this Halloween

'Changing the look of your eyes with non-prescription contact lenses for a chilling Halloween look can be tempting, but what’s most frightening are the effects they can have on your eyes'
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Those costume contact lenses may not be good for your eyes. Submitted.

Those spooky cosmetic contact lenses may add the finishing touch to your Halloween costume, but they are no treat for your eyes and may be causing more harm than you think says optometrist, Dr. Mike Cobean of Eye Associates of North Bay.

Tempting though it may be to purchase cosmetic contacts at a convenience store or other retail outlet, don’t be tricked into thinking they’re safe.

"They are not regulated by Health Canada so you can get some really harmful ingredients in there such as toxic dyes that can cause permanent eye damage," said Cobean. "Because you don't have to get them from a licensed provider they are not fit so they can cause cuts and scratches on the cornea and you can get viral infections and allergic reactions or blindness."

Cobean says the best advice he can offer is not to buy these types of cosmetic lenses from a retail outlet without a prescription.

"If you want to wear them, there are companies that actually are regulated by Health Canada. Once they're fit properly you don't have to worry about it. As long as someone gets fitted properly we have no problems with them." 

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