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Light now at the end of the Second Avenue tunnel

'Public Works crews have been cleaning up the tunnel on a regular basis as needed'

The City of North Bay has taken back a tunnel that some downtown workers felt was unsafe to travel through with a homeless encampment inside.

It connects Second and Third Avenue near downtown North Bay and was used as a pedestrian underpass under former CN rail tracks.

Earlier this summer it was not uncommon to see the tunnel cluttered with old furniture and shopping carts along with homeless people who gathered there.  

"I have had experiences as well, where before I go into the tunnel, I will wait for another work associate, or if I see someone coming I will wait on the other side of the tunnel to make sure they get through safely," one downtown worker told BayToday in late August. 

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Gord Young, the communications officer with the City of North Bay, says Public Works was responsible for the cleanup. 

"The City is also undertaking some improvements to the tunnel, including painting which was recently completed and upgraded lighting which will be installed in the near future."

Back in late August, the North Bay Police say they were aware of the situation at the Second and Third Avenue tunnel.  

"Our officers respond to criminal complaints received in relation to people congregating in the area and investigate those complaints appropriately," said David Woolley, corporate communications officer with the North Bay Police Service. 

"Officers are assigned to patrol that area of the city, which includes the tunnel and the community surrounding it."

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