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Hurtubise new invention all about plant and hair growth (VIDEO)

“I’ve been told from some scientists that it will come down as one of the top three innovations of this decade alone.”


Albert Einstein stated “Imagination is more important than knowledge.

If that’s the case, Albert Einstein certainly would have loved to meet North Bay native Troy Hurtubise.  

After all, Hurtubise credits his imagination for coming up with his inventions such as his bear suits, Angel Lights and God Lights.  

It may be hard to tie together but the North Bay inventor says his new invention, the R-Light will be able to do two incredible things; cure male pattern baldness and treat vegetable seeds so they can grow in harsh conditions like the rain forest with next to no light.   

“We already know that John Hopkins is using LED light to treat diabetes. We know Russia is working on Red Laser light. We know China is using magnetic fields to treat arthritis,” said Hurtubise. 

“What I did is spend thousands and thousands of hours researching all of the principles that they are using and I put it together in one machine.  So in this machine is more than just light.  You have ultrasonic sound waves, you have over 200,000 volts of open electricity, magnetic vortexes and magnetic fields, you’ve got sonar, you have six different kinds of lasers.” 

Hurtubise says his R-Light took more than 4,500 hours to build with a price tag of  $160,000. 

All the work on the machine has been conducted over the past few months in his small lab in downtown North Bay.  

“I’ve been told from some scientists that it will come down as one of the top three innovations of this decade alone,” he said.  

“This is the father of the machines. I started 12 years ago with Angel Light then moved to God Light and then the EMR Pod and then we moved to R-Light,” stated Hurtubise explaining the evolution of his technology.  

Hurtubise has claimed his previous inventions like the God Light could help treat cancer, and Parkinson’s, while the Angel Light, he says, could see through walls.   

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Seeds of growth

Hurtubise has been doing research this month using the six-foot long machine to treat corn seeds which are showing some incredible growth results.  

He says the treated corn seeds in sand were kept inside a small dark closet and within days the corn seed grew into six inch high stalks.  

He says his seeds will allow farmers to plant seeds in the rainforest without taking any more trees down.  

“They take the R-Light seeds which are pennies a bag, they plant them in what soil the rainforest has to offer and step back because it doesn’t need sunlight, it doesn’t need a lot of nutrients, but you know in a rain forest all it does is rain,” Hurtubise explained. 

“Now a farmer is going to be able to keep the rain forest, grow their crops on the forest floor and use the shelter as wind breaks so it doesn’t need to be cut down anymore.”  

Male Pattern Baldness Cure

Hurtubise also says the human scalp can also be treated with the R-Light and he has the results to prove it. 

He and his son are both receiving the treatment.    

“The left side is completely bare and the right side I’ve had three weeks of treatment,” he says talking about the R-Light treatment he is doing on the widow’s peak on his forehead.  

“My right side now has 1/4 inch growth, there’s thousands of hairs, it’s completely full.”  

Prove him wrong? 

Like Hurtubise has done before, he’s asking any scientists or investors to see the technology first hand. 

“I want to introduce this to the scientific community as well as the industry,” said Hurtubise in his exclusive interview with 

“I am looking for an industry giant to come down and buy this technology outright and do major tests because it has so many areas in medical research but more than that if they don’t want to come calling because they don’t believe it because it’s so far out, I am putting a call out to investors from North Bay and all around the world,” he added. 

“I want to form an incredible, intellectual, investor group and together bring this to where it should be which is the next step.” 

Hurtubise asks anyone interested to email him at [email protected] 


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