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'Hey, we're still open' says South River Brewing

'We are the heart of that community, so it really hurts'
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South River Brewing.

The president of South River Brewing Company wants the public to know that's it's still going strong in the community south of North Bay.

A recent announcement by New Ontario Brewing has led to confusion in the marketplace says Dwayne Wanner.

"The brewery in South River has not changed ownership or discontinued operations," says Wanner. "The decision to change the name of the brewery is a reflection of our commitment to the community of South River with whom we have worked for the past eight years to develop a destination."

Wanner says the owners of the brewery have personally invested several millions of dollars in the enterprise and are committed to continuing to develop the business in the community of South River.

"South River Brewing company will continue to make the quality beers it has always made including the original recipes such as Happy Landing, Buckshot, Rye Road, under the new South River banner. In particular, South River Brewing Company will continue to make Scottish Ale and Blacksmith Porter under the South River Brewing Brand.

"As a result of our decision to terminate the contract with Toronto distributor, United Craft, who is now collaborating with New Ontario, the name Highlander can be used by them, however, other than Scottish Ale and Smoked Porter all other 'Highlander' recipes will not be shared."

He says a news release issued by New Ontario has created a misconception.

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"It left the impression that we had shut down and our beer was being made by New Ontario," Wanner told BayToday. "We are the heart of that community, so it really hurts."

The company continues to make the event room facility available to anyone in the community at no charge. As well the brewery retail store will continue to sell the works of local artists and artisans.

"We are very proud of this! A recent 'buy local' project started by South River Brewing is a special low priced take out dinner+beer combos utilizing local kitchen facilities and staff. The employees and owners of the brewery in South River are grateful for the ongoing support of its customers and the Almaguin community and region."

Wanner says South River Brewing continues to hire new staff from the Brewing Technician training Program offered through CTS Canadian Career College in North Bay.

"This program was founded by the owners of South River Brewing and CTS College for the benefit of all brewing companies and to train young people for this growing industry. We are proud of the success of this partnership which has helped many Breweries across Ontario and indeed North America find skilled employees with the knowledge and know-how to operate Craft Breweries."

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