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Helmets protect heads and eggs

“They are getting the message and the message is wear your helmet for any sport activity you are doing."
Constable Steve Sproule watches as Dr. MacDougall students are about to drop eggs that are protected in mini-helmets. Photo by Chris Dawson.

Dropping an egg that is protected by a small helmet seems like a bizarre experiment but the message was actually a very clear one. 

Helmets protect your head. 

And that was the message today as grade three and four students from Dr. MacDougall Public School took part in the “Bike Helmet on Kids Campaign.” 

It's a province-wide event organized by the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.    

For the second year local firm Murray Ralston Lawyers, is spearheading the initiative locally as they are handing out helmets to children in three local schools today. 

“Really what we are interested in is the safety of the kids. We see in our industry so many people whose lives are torn apart by injuries that are preventable,” said Jay Ralston.  

“Most kids, they ride bicycles and they fall and hit their head. It should be get up and move on, and they end up with a brain injury and we think those are totally preventable.”  

North Bay Police Constable Steve Sproule was on hand.  He’s a member of the police bike patrol and he delivered a safety message along with showing students how to signal properly on a bike.  

“They are getting the message, and the message is wear your helmet for any sport activity you are doing and we went over it with them, the scooter, roller blading, skateboarding, riding your bikes, side-by-sides, ATV’s,” said Sproule. 

“Even winter sports like skiing and snowboarding...they are starting to get the message that whatever they are doing sports related it is important to protect their head.”

Ralston says they enjoy supporting the initiative with hopes of expanding to five schools next year.