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Ham on the lam as truck rolls near Mattawa

Mattawa area residents offered to search and adopt a number of the escaping piglets

A truckload of piglets got loose Monday morning after a tractor-trailer had a roll-over on a sharp corner on Highway 533 north of Mattawa.

Area residents were quick to respond.

"HELP NEEDED," wrote Melinda Groen on the Mattawa Open Forum Facebook page. "Rescued pigs, from tipped over pig truck, there are at least 100 or more that have been left in the bush, pigs appear to be healthy, just very scared, we caught as many as we could, need help to find farms for them. Donations will go to the Mattawa food bank. They are safe and being cared for but we cannot raise them all."

By Tuesday afternoon most had been collected, although some may still be loose on Highway 533 and motorists should be cautious,

"Be careful! Raw bacon is still on the road on the 533!! About 10km in going towards Mattawa," wrote Jérôme Charpentier on Facebook.

OPP say the 30-year-old driver from Alberta has been charged with careless driving.

Jeff Turl

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