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Government commits to keeping nursing home in Trout Creek

'I am committed to working with you on any proposal that involves a plan to keep the beds in Trout Creek'
Lady Isabelle Nursing Home in Trout Creek. Supplied.

Ontario's Minister of Health has committed to saving the Lady Isabelle Nursing Home in Trout Creek, shut down after inspectors visited the home in May and found numerous infractions. Only 23 residents remain, waiting for a move.

In a reply to Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli, Dr. Eric Hoskins wrote, "I recognize the importance of this long-term care (LTC) home to the community, which is why I can assure you that my ministry will be exploring all possible options in an effort to keep LTC capacity within the community so that residents can continue to receive care as close to home as possible.

"I am committed to working with you on any proposal that involves a plan to keep the beds in Trout Creek. If an experienced operator brings forward a viable plan to maintain a home of the same size in the community, then I will work with you on its implementation," said Hoskins.

The home has had its license revoked because of a history of widespread on-going non-compliance from financial discrepancies, shortage of 24-hour nursing care, hazardous substances, lack of an infection prevention and control program, skin and wound care, and many more issues.

In a July letter to the minister, Fedeli wrote,"That brings us to the fact that the 66-bed facility, with now less than 40 residents, is being closed, and the future is uncertain. The current movement is to place the remaining residents in proper long-term care as quickly as possible. But there seems to be no thought, at least at this moment, about the future. I have met with your staff and respectfully suggest that two separate tracks be followed, simultaneously. One is to continue with the thoughtful placement of the residents, and two is to develop a plan to accommodate the 66 beds within Trout Creek.

"Lady Isabelle is the town's largest employer; 80 people work there. The residents of Trout Creek want to know that their loved ones are going to be looked after and their jobs are going to be there – within the community" said Fedeli.