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Giant mural will decorate Capitol Centre

'We still have some warm weather so we could see this thing this fall and it would be quite striking'

There are a growing number of murals gracing different parts of the city from convenience stores to downtown businesses.

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Now the granddaddy of all murals is set to be painted on the McIntyre side of the Capitol Centre.

The subject nor the artist hasn't been made public yet, but the Downtown Improvement Area board has asked approval from the City to paint the mural, as the building is owned by North Bay.

Both the Capitol Centre Board of Directors and the Downtown Improvement Area Board of Management has already given the green light.

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario Main Street Revitalization Fund will be used to cover the costs of the mural.

Still, the materials to be used for the mural are required to be approved by the Manager of Facilities to ensure the long term protection of the brick of the Capitol Centre building, but if all goes well, city council is on board.

"Weather is going to be changing so there is a limited amount of time for folks trying to paint the mural on the side of the Capitol Centre," said Councillor Mike Anthony. "The funds do not affect local taxpayers. They come from a fund from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario so that will cover the cost of the mural. It's something to support public art in the downtown.

"We still have some warm weather so we could see this thing this fall and it would be quite striking."

"I'm hoping this is just one of many murals we'll end up seeing in the downtown to help with the recovery of the downtown," added Councillor Dave Mendicino. "Picture this. You're sitting across McIntyre Street looking at this big, big wall and the lower third is going to be this gigantic mural. This will go a long way to beautifying the downtown."

Mendicino hopes the upper two-thirds of the wall can be done next year.

Councillor Marcus Tignanelli says he expects work to be done by mid-November.

The artist has already submitted a proposal with a design concept and it is now up to the DIA and the Capitol Centre to accept it.

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