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Full-length film shot entirely in North Bay set to premiere

“The Pasta Killer” is a 1940s styled film noir that follows Marius M. Quick, a disgraced private investigator who has fled his hometown trying to create a new life for himself.

Lots of buzz in the city over the past couple of years about films being shot here, now one is set to make its premiere locally.

All the cast and crew of “The Pasta Killer!” are local talent who lent their time and energy to the project for free. Many of the actors on the screen were also crew behind it; contributing extra time to help the movie get made.

All of the film was shot in North Bay, Callander, and Powassan for under $3,000.

Before the film began a crowdfunding campaign raised $1,125 which was used to help provide equipment needed to make the film. All the costumes, props, and extra equipment was purchased by the cast and crew themselves.

“The Pasta Killer” is a 1940s styled film noir that follows Marius M. Quick, a disgraced private investigator who has fled his hometown trying to create a new life for himself.

Unbeknownst to him, someone from his past has followed Marius: a killer who begins to murder Marius’s friends, connections and contacts. Dubbed “The Pasta Killer” by the media, the killer narrows in on Marius  himself as the investigator’s past begins to seep through. As time winds down for Marius, the private eye starts to realize that the only thing more horrific than the murders being committed are the actions he has so desperately tired to forget.

The film began shooting in spring of 2013 and finished in the fall of 2015.

"Filming North Bay was particularly fun, especially at night," producer-director-writer Stefan Phillips told BayToday.

"We spent a lot of time waiting for the sun to set, or for it to rain for that authentic film noir feel. We met a lot of interesting people in North Bay, and even ran into the North Bay Police a few times, who were always really nice. We actually ended up running into the same officer twice who recognized us from a few months before and was pretty amazing.

"We dealt a lot with conflicting schedules, finding locations and once, even a wave of shadflies that postponed an evening beach shoot. A couple of local businesses were very supportive of the film – The Raven and Republic was great about us using their space, and the Near North Mobile Media Lab was great at lending us a hand when we were stumped. Overall, North Bay has been really supportive and we hope that more people will give filmmaking a try. There aren’t very many full-length films coming out of the city – it would be awesome to see more!, Phillips said.

The movie stars Joshua Lambert as Marius M. Quick, Brian Cherry as Upton, Courtney Bennett as Annabelle Goode, and Sean Campbell as The Inspector. 

The movie is set to premiere Saturday, January 30th at 6:30 p.m. inside the Widdifield School theatre.

Admission is either $1.00 or a donation for the North Bay Food Bank. To reserve a spot, anyone interested can visit to sign up.

The movie is two hours long, and after the premiere, the cast & crew will be heading over to The Raven & Republic for drinks and screenings of bloopers and outtakes. Everyone is also welcome to join them.