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UPDATED with description and photos (Four vehicle collision closes bypass)

This four-vehicle collision closed the bypass around 5:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon

There were minor injuries but OPP are unable to say at this time the number.

This four-vehicle collision closed the bypass around 5:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon.

Laura Rachar, a 19 year old second year TV broadcasting student at Canadore College was involved in the accident.

She told BayToday, "I was in that crash. I was hit head-on by an oncoming vehicle that passed into my lane, then another car hit me from behind."

(See pictures in our photo gallery)

"I was driving on Hwy 11/17 South (North Bay), going home after having dinner at a local restaurant with my mom. I was in the left lane (the passing lane) going around 80-85 km/h in an 80 km/h zone.

"At 5:30 I saw a vehicle ahead, approximately 3-5 car lengths away from me, rock extremely violent back and forth as if multiple people were rocking it inside the vehicle. As it did this, it tried to move away from a grey Dodge Charger that was heading in the opposite direction (northbound) in the left southbound lane. The Charger struck that vehicle which bounced towards the southbound ditch.

"The Charger then continued to head northbound in the left, southbound lane where I was, right towards my vehicle (the blue Hyundai Elantra pictured in our gallery). Being calm and not panicking, I turned my car towards the shoulder of the southbound side of the highway. However, the Charger struck me head on, hitting the front left side corner of the vehicle the hardest. It finally stopped in the left southbound lane, several meters ahead of me.

"As I continued to move my car toward the right, another southbound vehicle struck the back left side of my car which almost put it in a ditch nearby. I think it was a green Jeep that did that, which went into the ditch meters ahead of me.

"After the two vehicles struck me, I put the car in Park and turned it off. I turned to see my mom who was sitting in the front passenger's seat. Seeing that she was safe and ok, as my car's airbags didn't go off, I immediately called 911 and told them what happened and asked for help.

"Literally in 10 seconds, I heard the sirens of an ambulance, along with other emergency vehicles. I asked the driver of the Dodge Charger (who was around 50-60 years old I'm guessing) if she was ok. She said yes. A firefighter came and helped my mom out of my car as she couldn't open the passenger door. The car was mere inches away from the ditch.

"I saw people crying and staring in shock. I was crying myself, as my mom's car was destroyed. But thanks to the people around, including the emergency crew, I calmed down.

"Eventually, I saw a grey, southbound car several meters behind me, that was in the ditch. I'm guessing that the car didn't get hurt, but was there only because it was trying to avoid the Charger. The driver's boyfriend told me that she was hurt. The paramedic put her into an ambulance."

BayToday will update as police provide more details