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Firearm that caused high risk takedown Tuesday was an Airsoft pistol

Airsoft guns provide you with a realistic shooting experience without the dangers of a live firearm
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File photo. Police warn that Airsoft guns can be mistaken for the real thing and should be used responsibly.

North Bay police say the firearm incident Tuesday on Trout Lake Road was not a real gun, but was an Airsoft pistol.

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The North Bay Police Service’s Emergency Response Team was deployed after receiving reports that someone was brandishing a firearm at an apartment block on Trout Lake Road.

Police safely resolved the situation and arrested two people.

Subsequently, both individuals were released unconditionally. No charges were laid as a result of the incident.

Airsoft guns provide a realistic shooting experience without the dangers of a live firearm. 

"For the safety of the public and police, we remind everyone to show discretion when operating airsoft guns," said police in a news release. "As many models resemble real weapons, openly carrying and operating Airsoft guns in public areas can result in inaccurate reports being provided to police.

"In order to ensure the safety of the public and our members, the North Bay Police Service must always respond to any and all firearms-related calls as if a real firearm is involved and conduct a thorough investigation. Thankfully, for the safety of everyone involved in this incident, no one was injured and the investigation revealed that there were no grounds to lay criminal charges."