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FEEDBACK: Here's what you had to say about the news this week

Hot button issues this week include
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At the bottom of all of our local stories, readers now have the option of submitting feedback. Here's what BayToday readers had to say about what was making news over the last week:

July 29:

Shortlist of contractors selected for new Community and Recreation Centre

"How is this a priority over Cassellhome? I would also like to know what percentage of NB citizens would use the arena. I have heard from multiple sources that the number is around 10 per cent. Why would council spend 40 million on a facility that only a tenth of the population would utilize? Add to that the glaring conflicts of interest between local politicians and heads of local ice and sledge hockey leagues. This project should be shelved for the foreseeable future if this council wants to claim that it truly represents the will of the majority of citizens."
- Bob L. 

"Why is it that when a so called Mayor and council are elected in they think the tax payers pockets are deep? The vision they see is not of the payer. The only vision they see is their own .we are a population of 50 thousand give or take. When does the money grab end? How about if you are the Mayor or on council you live in the city of NORTH BAY and pay taxes like the rest of us. Then you can decide (if the people agree) where our money is spent. And no more secrets.TRANSPERENCY for everything!!"
- Joe V.

"The is something strange here. A $40 million project draws the interest of eight qualified contractors. Casselholme, a $100+ million project, only receives one bid. Time to get some qualified people looking after the LTC project. Many of those contractors noted are fully qualified to do an LTC project."
- D.B. 

July 27:

Combined police effort leads to drug seizure

"The people mentioned in this report have been charged but not as yet proven guilty. If they are guilty I hope they are prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.
I have a grandson who is now missing. He 'got into drugs' and this is probably due to events in his life. One can only take so much and I guess he had reached his limit.
He was a lovely child. Affectionate, generous, funny...well I could go on. Now, because of his addiction I don’t even know where he is. Me, his grandma, don’t know where he is!!
He too, is guilty of some totally unacceptable behaviour but it is because of his addiction that this happened. My heart is broken.
Anyway, dealers should have a special place in hell. They thrive because they reach out to people who are at their lowest point. Not everyone is strong and those that have been battered by life are their most likely customers. In my mind, drug dealers are among the lowest of the low and deserve to be punished, jailed and with no probation until their sentence is fully served. Perhaps too it would be a good idea to have them visit with someone like me who could tell them how through their greediness, their actions affected my life and that of my family."
- Rona C.

July 25:

Crisis Navigator hired to assist victims of gender based violence

"Actions lead to consequences, which always lead to actions that have consequences.

I oddly cried reading this article, because nobody seems to care what men are lacking in life to make them lash out.

Nobody wants to be a jerk, so what’s leading these events to happen? I have bigoted opinions on the subject (“mansplaining”, if you will).

Why not reach out to men and ask them why their lives have become hollow and insignificant?"
- Con R. 

"We needed that service last year, and it too late for a lot of victims.
The lack of mental health training makes victims of the police services as well, unfortunately.
They get basic training and their own personal experience.
That's all.
How are they going to help people if they don't understand themselves.
We are all victims of mental health, the pandemic was intensified everything.
We now see what we need to do.
That is the positive.
Reach out, don't take no, someone will eventually hear you."
- Mike T. 

July 24:

Scammers targetting grandmothers say police

"One would think the laws should be changed to make banks more accountable for handing out large sums of money to the elderly with no questions asked. Someone working at a bank should have enough of a brain to ask why the person requires such a large withdrawal. If there is any hint of a cover-up by the person withdrawing the money, the police should be advised so they can make their own inquiries. Same goes for any store selling large sums of Apple gift cards."
- Kaamen S. 

July 23: 

'Over budget' Cassellholme a 'nightmare for municipality' says Mayor


You have this wrong.

Had it not been pushed each time for other 'more important' projects you would not be in this situation.

HAD SOMEONE used their head before selling Civic Hospital you would not be in this position.

Like our VETERANS, once their usefulness/needs are no longer required they go to the end of the line for help, rehabilitation etc.

Same goes for seniors.

After all, banks, mortgage lenders, and anyone who had/have their business are quite happy for the interest they made over the years and for banks are still enjoying from these seniors

Now that they need us to be their voice, where are you in this?

I notice lip service has become the norm for our government.

They sound concerned, however that is all it is as no action or help has come their way since this started.

How many years now? And you wonder why costs have escalated?"
- J.P.