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FEEDBACK: Here's what you had to say about the news this week

Hot button issues this week include
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The BayToday office on McIntyre St. North Bay. Jeff Turl/BayToday.

At the bottom of all of our local stories, readers now have the option of submitting feedback. Here's what BayToday readers had to say about what was making news over the last week:

June 17:

Opinion: MPP and Mayor seem contently unaware of the misery created by these needless Cassellholme delays

"Mr. Gallant has been very succinct in his opinion piece on the subject of the Cassleholme debacle, but I would suggest he hasn't gone quite far enough. It has been amply proven that the entire system is obsolete to the point that it is no longer capable of serving its target clientele both from a lack of available funds for development of new facilities and the financial availability and political will to operate them. From the perspective of the writer it is now well beyond the time to attempt to continue along the present unproductive course and to pivot towards the previously suggested (ad nauseam) direction of system revision along the lines of utilization of already existing facilities. This could make use of the large stock of currently underutilized privately owned dwellings by incentivizing the owners to provide much needed long term accommodation for themselves and possibly other long term patients without the taxpayer crippling costs involved in constructing new units. It would not be cheap but it would at least be a partial solution to what would appear to be a sad failure on the part of the politicians now charged with the relevant responsibilities."
- J.G. 

June 15:

Opinion: The Cassellholme project – Ten years in the making

"It should not have come as a surprise about the number of baby boomers.

Yet instead of being pro-active years ago when the wait list started to look at building another LTC home, they just did nothing.

Wait list continued to grow over the years, nothing done.

Beds at our hospital has been increasing over the years to keep seniors there until a bed became available and nothing was done.

This was red flagged years ago yet nothing was done.

And you kept asking why people are leaving North Bay?

Well it is your lack to prepare for things like this."
- J.P. 

June 14:

Former Chisholm mayor Leo Jobin passes

"Certainly a kind and gentle leader who cared passionately about Chisholm and its citizens. He was a pleasure to work with and be around in all the years have known him. Leo, you have served your citizens extremely well with the ultimate in integrity and honesty. RIP my good friend."
- J.S.  

Opinion: Dave Dale, Lessons to learn for the next pandemic

"Great to see you writing again Dave. As I see it, the main problem with the way the Pandemic was handled is the same problem that plagues the world. Too many different groups each with their own agenda all going in different directions. If we were all organized under one banner 'All Lives Matter' the next pandemic would be a mere hick-up and the world would be a better place."
- R.W.

Hospital unions join forces against bill to cap their wage increases below inflation 

"I remember when we received yearly a cost of living 'raise.'

Then it stopped, no reason given.

No never worked in a unionized position.

Everyone then automatically was given this.

Yearly raises became dormant and we ended up being paid less over the years than newcomers with less experience.

It should not take a union to pay employees what they are worth.

That is the sad thing for all companies. They want the best, multi languages for as little as possible

Profits over loyalty to their employees.

Happy to be retired."
- J.P. 

June 13:

City: Memorial Gardens in need of repairs

"The North Bay City Council had better set their priorities soon. Fix Memorial Gardens? Build an outlandish new arena? Have a roundabout built for a casino, North Bay seems to be developing whether it a good or bad idea, finish a dozen different projects, think about the future of North Bay citizens who are entering baby boomer geriatrics? Get it together and quit being such a serve serving majority of concealers haha Counselors."
- Lorna B.

June 12:

Opinion: We need to rebuild a society that’s more equitable, sustainable and just

"We absolutely do not need to do anything to our current society. Any attempt to “rebuild” our society will destroy our shared culture and values and end up in a more destructive, less fair and less equitable society."
- Bob L.

"Extremely well said, it would be nice near hear what others skills and ideologies have been rediscovered, learned, created, or otherwise during this pandemic so far. I do agree that any time there is division, bipartisan culture tends to being out the worst in people. Opposing views as a result of different life experiences already will make groups of people congregate and find one another. We don't need politics to add another rift and do this for us."
- Alex M.

June 11: 

Robertson: It's Cassellholme over community centre

"This pandemic has made one thing crystal clear: we are failing our seniors. As a society we should be ashamed of ourselves. Every death in long-term care is another reason to scrap the new rink development. Taxpayers in this city deserve to be respected for a change. If there was ever a time to reign in the spending it is now with all the uncertainty in the economy. Our city council should finally learn how to be proactive and forget the reacting. By the time they react it is usually costing us another tax increase. Don’t think or believe for a minute that the economy won’t go for a nosedive within the next 6-8 months as we find out how many employers will show their new colours regarding staffing levels. The roller coaster will have more downs than ups as the proverbial poop hits the fan. We need to prioritize our spending and at this time LTC is more important then a sheet of ice."
- Joe W. 

"'I don't view this as slowing the process down,' Robertson noted, 'I view this as taking the necessary steps to make sure this moves forward properly.'

This approach has been going on for over 10 years virtually raising the costs 50 per cent."
- R.W.