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Father and 18 month old baby escape Widdifield Station Road house fire

The homeowner did suffer some smoke inhalation and was treated by paramedics on scene
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A house at 950 Widdifield Station Road was completely destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon, but a father and his 18-month-old daughter managed to escape.

The homeowner did suffer some smoke inhalation and was treated by paramedics on scene says Deputy Chief Greg Saunders.

Crews from all three fire stations rushed to the fire around 5 p.m. yesterday afternoon and when the first fire crews arrived they immediately began firefighting operations to manage the blaze which had already engulfed much of the home.

"As there are no hydrants in this area of the City fire crews were required to shuttle water to the fire scene," explained Saunders. "Fire crews were able to completely extinguish the fire at approximately 10:30 last night.  The cause of the fire was the homeowner using unsafe cooking practices involving cooking with oil."

The North Bay Fire Department has seen an uptick in fires in 2019 involving unsafe cooking practices. 

"Almost all of these incidents are the result of cooking with oil," said Saunders. " Cooking using oil is incredibly dangerous.  We would prefer that the residents of North Bay choose safer cooking options other than cooking with oil. If you are going make the choice to cook a turkey in oil make certain to follow safe cooking practices."

  • Never use a deep fryer inside. Always cook outside, at least ten feet from any houses or other structures. The frying mechanism should be placed on a level surface in an open area away from any water sources.
  • The size of the fry-pot and the amount of the oil used should be determined prior to cooking. These will depend on the size of the bird being fried.
  • The fryer should be off and completely dry when the oil is poured inside.
  • The turkey needs to be completely thawed before submersion. Oil and water do not mix, and any leftover ice or slush can result in a dangerous explosion of hot oil. If the oil spills over onto the burner, the entire mixture can ignite.
  • Once the oil is heated, the turkey should be slowly lowered into the pot. Dropping it or inserting it too quickly can result in spillage and ignition of the oil.
  • It is a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher handy. Water should never be used in the event of a fire due to the adverse reaction it will have with the oil.
  • Once the cooking is complete, the fryer should be given enough time to cool completely before being emptied or cleaned. This takes approximately two hours.

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