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Escape Movement facing uncertainty

'We are still exploring all options as bankruptcy is going to be our last resort'
Doors were open at the Escape Movement on Wednesday afternoon. Photo by Chris Dawson/

The owner of the Escape Movement is trying to find a way out of some financial hurdles caused by a series of unfortunate events. 

Andrew Morrison, known as Andy Mo to many of his customers, started the well-known feather logoed brand in August of 2010.  He created an eight-minute video on YouTube to explain his dilemma via social media.   

“We wanted to put a video together to tell everyone what has been going on with the Escape Movement the past couple of years,” stated Morrison in the video.  

Morrison had purchased high-end print screening equipment last fall in hopes of creating a manufacturing division.  

He says that was a risk that has not paid off. 

“To be honest things did not work out the way we were hoping,” stated Morrison. 

“There was a series of unfortunate events.  I suffered a concussion at the end of January which kind of left me in a haze for a couple of months and it definitely took its toll on me.” 

On top of that, they discovered a serious water issue in the Northgate Shopping Centre store that was thought to cause a two-week closure that rolled into eight weeks.  

“When you go two months without the revenue it can be a tricky thing to overcome,” he said.

“That compounded with everything else left us in a really bad situation and as a result, things are not looking great financially for the Escape Movement,” stated Morrison bluntly. 

In late July Morrison says he came to terms with the fact that bankruptcy may be a reality by the end of 2018. 

“As much as we are coming to terms with this, it is a difficult conversation to have so we thought making a video to let everyone know about what has been going on might be a way to address everything all at once,” he stated. 

“We are still exploring all options as bankruptcy is going to be our last resort.” 

Morrison says one option is to sell off the high-end printing equipment to help recoup some of their losses and in the next few months he wants to celebrate the legacy of the brand. 

“Our idea is to continue to push things as long as we can and ride out the remainder of 2018 with our storefront in Northgate Shopping Centre as we will be open full time for the school season and Christmas holidays and open Saturdays in September, October and November,” he continued.  

“We aren’t sure what will happen to the brand coming at the end of the year but we have come too far to let the feather go and my heart is still very much in this company and I am still very passionate about being able to develop a clothing brand manufactured entirely in Northern Ontario.  I am going to do everything we can to keep it going in some form or capacity. Time will tell in terms of how we will be able to do it.” 

On Facebook, Morrison thanked many who have reached out to him about the situation. 

“I would like to thank everyone who shared the post and reached out to us with support - the feedback has been nothing but positive and I am incredibly grateful to have so many amazing followers vested in seeing us succeed,” Morrison said on Facebook.   

“Some have even gone as far as presenting us with some new opportunities and suggestions that may help us through our situation.” 

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