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Updated: OOPS! Driver slams into community mailbox. Still no replacement after two weeks

A driver knocked down a community mailbox on Cloverbrae and residents have been without mail for two weeks

BayToday got an update from Canada Post at 10:30 this morning. Turns out the new mailbox was delivered to the wrong location.

"It is currently being expedited to North Bay, and we have been notified that it will be installed in the next 24 hours.," said a Canada Post spokesperson.


Original story.

When Tina Gale was driving home two weeks ago, she was curious to see the Cloverbrae Cres. community mailbox lying on the ground, the apparent victim of a drunk driver as the vehicle's fender was laying next to the mailbox.

A neighbour went to collect his mail the next day and the bumper was gone but the mailbox was still on the ground, where it lay for the next week before disappearing without notice to the West Ferris neighbourhood.

Gale says people couldn't get their mail out of the box and Canada Post doesn't seem to know what's going on.

"There's been no mail since, no mail delivered, no contact information, nothing stuck on my door. We've been without our mail for two weeks and we've missed events."

She points to a university homecoming envelope with an invitation that arrived after the event was over. 

Two weeks after the mailbox hit the dirt, they got a single bundle of mail. On Monday of this week, there was a knock on her door.

"Somebody in uniform from the post office that I've never seen before, not our regular mailman, dropped off a notice to pick up her mail downtown.

"You obviously know there is no mailbox," he said.

"You obviously know that I'm the one that complained. Where is my mail? No-one has contacted me," she replied.

He told her to go downtown (Ferguson St.) to get new mailbox keys for the new community mailbox, which still hadn't made an appearance after two weeks.

She expected the clerk to hand over two weeks of her mail but instead was told her mail would be in the new mailbox that had been installed that day.

That was Monday.

"I came home and no mailbox. I drove up and down the street looking for it. No mailbox."

So now Gale had the keys to a non-existent mailbox.

"Even though they swore it was there on Monday. I even called the 1-800 number they gave me and asked them where the mailbox was and they said 'It's there' and I said 'It ain't there unless it's a ghost because there is no mailbox."

Gale called Canada Post demanding to know where her mail has gone, looking in particular for a Visa bill and expecting the service would at least go back to door-to-door delivery until they got the problem solved... but no deal.

"Why don't you deliver people's mail because you deliver it to everybody else who doesn't have these community boxes."

So now Gale had the keys to a phantom mailbox that still hasn't arrived despite Canada Post insisting it was already installed. She was told she wouldn't have been given the keys in the first place if the mailbox wasn't installed.

Yesterday the postman arrived to give her a stack of mail, two weeks worth, including the invitation to that university homecoming.

"I can't keep going down there (Ferguson St.) to pick up my mail because I'm disabled." She wants to know why Canada Post won't deliver the mail to her door until the mailbox is replaced. "That's what their job is."

BayToday contacted Canada Post Media Relations Wednesday afternoon but got an answering machine.

Meanwhile, residents on Cloverbrae wait and wonder "Where is the mystery missing mailbox?" More importantly, "Where is our mail?" 

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