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Don't fall for this one ladies! Man seeks pictures of breasts

The request for photos, however, is not specific to breastfeeding
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An online campaign to "legalize breastfeeding" is nothing more than some perverts attempt to get pictures of naked women's breasts, warns Timmins police.

They are alerting ladies about sending intimate images over social media, citing a tip police recently received that an individual on social media is requesting intimate images as a way to raise awareness of breastfeeding.

"The request for photos, however, is not specific to breastfeeding, but for any images of women’s breasts. The requestor then promises money for images sent," according to a police news release.

They are reminding internet users that sending intimate images over social media is not recommended, even if you know the recipient, but especially if the recipient is unknown.

"Any requests received from unknown social media profiles should be declined. Social media profiles that do not contain photos or information about the individual should be considered a red flag," police warn.

"In this particular case, the public should note that breastfeeding in public is not against the law. This should alert residents to the possible illegitimacy of the request/campaign. Police are also reminding residents that often, intimate images are used to extort victims for financial gain or other reasons."